Coolmore Brochure 2017

The best

of everything Coolmore has always understood the importance of providing the best available hay, feed, bedding and water for horses boarding on the farm. All hay fed on the farm is home grown on our limestone based land and goes through rigorous quality control analysis. Our water is sourced from many deep wells dotted around the farm to ensure it is of the purest standard and high in mineral content. And our horses are bedded on the best barley straw sourced either from our own or neighbouring farms. We also take great pride in the fact that the oats fed to all horses under our care are grown, harvested, cleaned, dried and stored under our careful management. In 2016 a major investment was made in building a brand new state of the art facility to clean, dry and store our home grown oats.

Only the best will do, both for our own, and for your mares and stock. And while we offer the best stallions in the business, boarding mares visiting non Coolmore stallions are also welcome.


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